29 Faces – Face 1 Sherry Malone

When I realized that the 29 Faces Challenge February 2015 was already underway, I had to stop and evaluate where time had gone and what the heck I’d been doing that made me go through the whole month of January without getting paint on my hands every day.  (I have done art, but it’s been digital and it’s just not the same.)
Time for some catch up.

So, here’s Face #1, with piled up hair and a slouchy cowl neck sweater to keep her warm. 

Sherry Malone by Tori Beveridge 2015 Face 1 for 29 Faces Challenge 2015
Sherry Malone by Tori Beveridge 2015 Face 1 for 29 Faces Challenge 2015
I had nothing planned when I started.  I love that I had colorful fingers when I was finished.

I worked with gel medium, gesso, Faber-Castel gel sticks and Faber-Castel Pitt artist pens on 4×6 inch mixed media paper.  When I finished I decided she needed a name,  I went to an online random name generator and out of the 6 names that it gave me, Sherry Malone stood out, so that is what I’ve named her.
My goal is to catch up and do all 29 Faces in February.

29 faces

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  1. I know that phenomenon, time disappears somewhere! I too have had so clean fingers while creating digital, so now it's satisfying to get dirty again 😉

    The color world in your painting is beautiful, it's mellow and tender, the same as the serene look in her eyes.

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