Crudoodle – Free Digital Stamp, Happy Tabby

Before I share this week’s Free Crudoodle Digital Stamp with you, let me reveal another colored version of Carling The Little Witch. Carling The Little Witch, Colored Version 2 by Tori Beveridge.  Version received will be of higher quality and will not have the watermark. Would you like a chance to win this colored version […]

Crudoodle – Free Digital Stamp, Carling The Little Witch

It’s the beginning of September and I’ve been seeing Halloween decorations in the stores for the past few weeks.  It seems early, but I guess it inspired me, because I found myself sketching a cute little witch.  Carling is ideal for Halloween.  Use her on cards, party invitations or trick or treat bags.  Carling would […]

Crudoodle – Free Digital Stamp 5 Letter Banner

This week’s Free Crudoodle Digital Stamp is a Banner perfect for 5 letter words, like PARTY and RELAX or the one I chose to use on it ENJOY. There are two versions the blank so you can customize the patterns and use whatever word you like, and ENJOY. Blank Banner, Free Crudoodle Digital Stamp by […]

Crudoodle – Free Digital Stamp, Clara

This week’s Free Crudoodle Digital Stamp is a portrait of  a girl named Clara.  I’ve been in love with hats lately, so I had to draw Clara a little top hat which teeters on top of her hair. Clara , Crudoodle Free Digital Stamp by Tori Beveridge To save Clara to your computer, click on the preview […]

Crudoodle – Free Digital Stamp, All The Little Birdies

All the little birdies go tweet, tweet, tweet. You may or may not know that I have been raising chicks for the last four weeks.  Chirpy, chirpy, cheep, cheeps, as I call them.  They are so sweet.  This week’s Free Crudoodle Digital Stamp isn’t chickens, but these cute little birds, and the little one is […]

Crudoodle – Free Digital Stamp, Tiffany Turtle & Card Feature

I was thrilled when Linda from Creeping Along, left me a comment that she had used one of my Crudoodle Digital Stamps in a card.  I love the card and have to share it with you. Linda used the colored version of ‘Her Nose in a Book‘ and the card is absolutely adorable. Beautiful card […]

Crudoodle – Free Digital Stamp, Ballerina Mouse

I love ballet.  I grew up dancing and like many little girls, dreamt of being a ballerina.  Dance creeps into my artwork quite often, whether it’s the tilt of a head, the pose of a hand, or, like this week’s Crudoodle, a figure dancing. This week’s Free Crudoodle Digital Stamp is a darling little Ballerina […]

Crudoodle – Free Digital Stamp, Girl Talk

It’s time for a little girl talk. Did you ever make a telephone out of paper cups or tin cans and string, when you were little and then see if you could really talk through them?  I did.  They really work!  Of course, unlike in my new Crudoodle, the string has to be kept tight […]

Crudoodle – Free Digital Stamp, Flora Colored Version

This week’s Free Crudoodle Digital Stamp is a colored version of Flora.  I colored Flora today to use in a badge that I have created for the artists who have been featured in my Friday Art Feature. Flora, free Crudoodle Digital Stamp used in  “I was a featured artist  at Cruzines” badge. I thought Flora […]

Crudoodle – Happy Snowman & Something New!

It’s been hot and humid for the past two weeks and I’ve been doing wintery artwork to try to take my mind off of the heat.  This week’s free Crudoodle Digital Stamp is a Happy Snowman.  I promise he won’t melt no matter how hot the weather gets outside. Happy Snowman, Crudoodle Digital Stamp by […]

It’s Cold Outside…, I wish! New Art

The hot weather over the past two weeks had me hiding inside trying to stay cool.  It might have inspired other artists to create beautiful beach scenes or girls in summery dresses or bathing suits.  You would expect that it most likely would.  Not me.  For some strange reason, I ventured into this winter coat […]

Crudoodle – The Girl With The Big Hat Digital Stamp

This week’s free Crudoodle Digital Stamp is The Girl With The Big Hat.   This girl is ready for all the hot sunny days of summer with her wide brimmed hat to keep her shaded and cool. The Girl With The Big Hat, Crudoodle Digital Stamp by Tori Beveridge To save The Girl With The […]