My Art Now Offered As Tubes at Artistic Dreams Imaging

Recently, I signed with Artistic Dreams Imaging so that I may once more offer the sig tagging community the ability to use my art as tubes.  Artistic Dreams Imaging is a brand new company and I am very excited to be with them at their start up. 

I’ve rereleased a few tubes which were formerly offered at AMI.
the best part…

I have released 4 FREE Tubes for all of you in celebration of my signing with Artistic Dreams Imaging!  Yes, FREE!  2 are rereleases of very limited edition tubes offered for an event on the AMI forums, with a close up version of one so everyone can now use them, plus one brand spanking new tube.  All FREE

Visit Artistic Dreams Imaging today.  Get your license and grab your free tubes, then browse what is being offered for sale.

Stay tuned because I will be releasing more tubes over the next few days and each release will be announced here and on Facebook.

As always, I’m happy to see what you make with my artwork, so please feel free to share what you make both with me and with Artistic Dreams Imaging.  I’ll feature your work here in my blog and I’ll make a page on my website.

Happy tagging!

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