Back To Business

Ha, it’s strange.  I just looked at when I last posted here and it was on my daughter’s birthday.  It’s my birthday today.  lol  Very weird.  I certainly didn’t plan it this way and I promise I won’t wait until my son’s birthday to post again, that would be waaay too long.

I wanted to let everyone know that Artistic Dreams Imaging has been growing.  There are lots of new artists and there has been alot of behind the scenes work to improve service for artists and customers alike and due to this my tubes were down for awhile.  They are slowly coming back up with new ones added, so please be patient while this process is being done.  For example, “His Angel”, which I announced in my last posting here, is still down but will be added back up to the store this week.  I appreciate the staff at ADI for all their hard work and the hours they have spent during this.  It’s so nice doing business with people who truly care.

I have been helping out by personally tubing some of my work.  I’d forgotten how long it takes to tube!  You’ll see the “Artist Tubed” label on them.

Check out my Sugar Plump Fairies, which have been added to the store.  I think they are sooo cute, but, of course I’m biased. 

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