Getting Reconnected

Finally my website has a front page again.  Finally our internet is stable and I don’t time out waiting to upload, download, page load… well you get it.
Of course to fix, if only temporarily, our internet problem we had to unplug our land phone and plug the dsl directly into the phone jack, as directed by the tech support.  He said we needed a new modem.  This of course, has left us without a land phone… for a month, with no modem in sight.  We’re still paying for our land line of course.  I asked my husband who had called the tech support and solved our internet problem, when they had said the modem would be coming… ummm…  we’ll have to look into it, he said.
Soooo, I’ll be calling them.
Question:  Do you still have land lines?
In the meantime, I’ll be able to start uploading artwork again and reacquainting myself  with all of you.
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