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It’s Friday and time for another Art Feature.

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Artist, Mainili

What medium do you use and why?  First I started with graphite – like many artists, but then I fell in love with watercolor. I recently discovered the magic of digital painting. I sometimes use acrylic in my paintings with watercolor style.

Pikue by Mainili

What inspires you?  I’m mostly inspired from my flashbacks and clairvoyance. I know it looks little crazy but I see visions – like dreaming while awake. These visions are out of world style and differently textured. I like to paint them but sometimes my skill point is not enough to paint them – so I note them to paint later. I nearly have 100 ideas/visions to paint.

Sylv by Mainili

Who are your favorite artists?  Josephine Wall is my all time favorite artist but I love all artists who inspired and inspire with his/her style. For me it is important to reflect something, not copying an image. 

Many Friends by Mainili

You are, not only a painter, but a very talented jewelry designer.  How did you learn to make jewelry?  My mother is also a designer and when I was a child, we spend most of our times with crafting. I just imagine the thing and then search for information to how to make them.

Sad Mermaid Kilt Pin Brooch by Mainili

I see you sell ACEOs.  Would you tell us a little bit about them, for those who don’t know what they are?  ACEO is Artist Cart Editions and Originals. They are fixed size, 2,5×3,5” art cards for limited editions or originals. Whatever it is; photograph, scrap, painting or print, if it is 2,5×3,5” size then it is an ACEO.  My ACEOs are from my watercolor fairies, mermaids and mushrooms…my ACEO prints are limited to 100 and I also print year, number, name behind the card. I also have many ACEO originals are available at my online shop.

Red Mushroom House, ACEO by Mainili

Love Owl, ACEO by Mainili

Wild Fairy, ACEO by Mainili

When you are not painting or making jewelry, what is your favorite pastime?  FRP and RPG ! I love and love and love computer games ! I lost time and reality with this game world I play. It is a recharging and inspiring. My favorite games are Ice Wind Dale, Neverwinter Nights, Age of Conan, Drakensang, I may write many more.

Is any one of your paintings a favorite of your’s?   Which piece of jewelry do you like the best?   Why?  I love all my paintings and also hate them. I love them because they are my babies but I hate them because of my skill point that I didn’t illustrate them properly… “Take Me Out” is special to me and “Entangled” because I spend so much time and effort to illustrate it…

Take Me Out by Mainili

My favorite jewelry is my metallic friendship bracelets. They are unique with their metallic style.

Gold Friendship Bracelet by Mainili
Silver Friendship Bracelet by Mainili

I also love my mushroom necklaces. 

Mushroom House Necklace by Mainili

Soon I will announce a new jewelry line, bronze and silver pendants and rings; I also designed the pendant tray and ring base…

Windmill Ring by Mainili

What advice would you give aspiring artists?  Believe and love !  Even I am not very experienced artist I am always open to questions.

Want to see more of Mainili’s art and jewelry?

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Thank you Mainili for taking the time to do this interview.  I’ve enjoyed seeing your art and jewelry and getting to know you.

Drop by every Friday to meet more fabulous artists.  Next week, I’ll be featuring artist, Maigan Lynn.

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