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It’s Friday and time for another Art Feature.

Meet this week’s Featured Artist

Micah Carmichael

Artist, Micah Carmichael

How long have you been painting?  I have always been into art and creating all sorts of things. I have only started seriously painting within the last few years. When I say seriously, I mean artwork has been requested by someone or just has a particular meaning to me. I used to just paint and toss them in a storage somewhere or throw them out over time. I was embarrassed of them because I have had no training as an artist. Now, i just let it flow..I creat art under the name of Mystik Soul Art which i feel encompasses the feel of my art , not so much the style. It really comes from within.

What is your preferred medium? Why that and not something else?  I enjoy most mediums however I am not a watercolor artist. I am a somewhat impatient artist,although  I love the effects and have seen such beautiful watercolor artwork, however I haven’t quite gotten into it. When I paint I prefer to use acrylic paints. I love the way I am able to blend with them and cover when needed. Ive always been most comfortable with acrylic paints. I have tried a majority of mediums I am trying to master colored pencil as well to add to my list of things to do. I have really been into creating with markers lately and when I am doing artwork which has a realistic feel I love just working with a set of graphite pencils or Derwent Graphitint pencils which I love.

Elemental by Micah Carmichael

What are your favorite subjects?  I started out as predominately fantasy.. Mermaids, fairies and things of that nature. The more I got into painting and the art world, I realized my interests include so much more. I love retro pin up style art,  day of the dead skulls, gothic, vampire, and lowbrow art as well. But my first memory of my really noticing artwork would be as a child seeing Margaret Keane paintings. The one that always sticks out in my memory is of the big eyed girl with a jester suit on. So I have such a vast network of things I like its easy to see why I have painted a myriad of different subjects.

What inspires you?  Colors. I love Colors. They way they blend, the way the compliment each other and the way they put life into the artwork.

Innocence by Micah Carmichael

Who are your favorite artists?  Vicki Berndt, Amy Brown, Ian Daniels, and the list goes on. There is an extensive network of artists on facebook whom I can say are wonderful artists and it is nice to be able to interact with them.

What music do you listen to?  Florence and the Machine, Our Lady Peace, Keane, Augustana, Ani DiFranco, The Veronicas, Fleetwood Mac, The Rolling stones, Journey, Hall and Oates, Kelly Clarkson and Chris Brown. Yes, I said it. I have an extensive music collection and enjoy most music except country and rap. Its not bad , just not my thing..

Circe by Micah Carmichael

Favorite junk food?  My favorite junk food is fries with ketchup heavily layered with salt. I’m not really into sweets like pies and ice cream and things like that.

Beach or Mountain Getaway?  I am originally from California so I grew up in and around the Los Angeles area. I spent far to many years out at Venice Beach, a place I haven’t seen in years, but I remember how much fun it was and the diversity of people bustling about. I plan to move to Alaska as soon as I get my act together, so that’s gonna be my real life getaway. Other than that Europe. I lived in Germany and I really loved it there. Its a different world, but a good one.

Awakening by Micah Carmichael

What do you do when you’re not painting?  I get tattooed, or think up what Im going to have tattooed on me next. Lol . Actually , I took some time off, but I am a licensed EMT. I was on my way to being a paramedic at one point but life had a few other plans for me. I plan on going back to the ambulance this year. I miss the work, I miss helping others in need and I love being able to blast through red lights. Lol, plus I spend alot of time with fire men and cops. A girl cant complain;)

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Thank you Micah for taking the time to do this interview.  I’ve enjoyed seeing your art and getting to know you.
Drop by every Friday to meet more fabulous artists.  Next week, I’ll be featuring artist, Mai Nili.
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  1. Great interview ! It is great to read artist interview and learn more about them. I love your art Micah, full of sprit…

  2. Micah, you are so talented. I really love the colorful art. I think your diversity makes you a stand out artist. Continue to progress and master your craft. You are destine for greatness.

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