Friday Art Feature – Constanza Ehrenhaus aka Faerywitch Art

It’s Friday already!  This week has flown by for me, in a flurry of activity, that hasn’t left much time for art.  I do, however, always have time for the Friday Art Feature.

This week’s Featured Artist is

Constanza Ehrenhaus aka Faerywitch Art

What medium(s) do you use to create your art?

I draw everything from scratch using Photoshop and my Wacom Intuos tablet.

Wind Web by Constanza Ehrenhaus

You have done many beautiful children’s illustrations.  How did you get started in this?
I always thought that I would like to try children’s illustration, there is a very playful side of me that likes the whimsical possibilities that this allows. The commissions I got were through an artists’ forum, the rest are personal pieces.

The Princess and The Pea by Constanza Ehrenhaus

Your tattoo designs are fabulous.  Do you have tattoos?  Can people commission you to make tattoo designs for them?
Well, thank you! Probably tattoo design is what I enjoy the most in my work, I love working together with the client to achieve something unique that they would actually love to carry on them for a life time. This interaction is quite unique and I have stayed in touch with some of my clients through years, which I love! I always am open for tattoos commissions! Anybody interested can contact me at
About me, no, I do not have any tattoo, I don’t think I could settle on anything I would want on me forever! I have an easier time envisioning the perfect piece for someone else than for myself. That and I have a very low tolerance to pain!

Tattoo Goddess by Constanza Ehrenhaus

God Nouveau by Constanza Ehrenhaus

The figures in your art have such wonderful personality.  How do you bring so much life to them when you paint?
I study a lot. Though I never went to art school I spend a lot of time reading books, tutorials, studying other artist’s work and exposing my work to critiques. Good, honest critique has been fundamental for my growth as an artist.

I think too that Disney has been a great influence on my earlier work, and I spent many years copying their characters, which are full of dynamism and expression. Later I focused on achieving a more subtle approach since Disney’s work is a little overstated to engage small children.

Water Weby by Constanza Ehrenhaus

I see you have recently created a scrap kit in co-operation with two other artists.  Is this something you might be doing more of?
Absolutely! I license my work to PSP Tube Stop ( and the collaborative scrapkits are probably the funnest thing we do there. Lisa Cree comes up with a theme and might suggest a palette for us to follow, we then come up with a series of elements to work with and off we go to create! Expect more scrapkits in the future!

Is there something or someone you haven’t painted yet, that you really want to?
That is an interesting question. There are many things I have not tackled yet because I do not have the skill I would like to have to portray the feeling I’m after. I have lots of sketches that I would love to bring to full completion one day but they will have to wait until I feel I have the right technique. A good portrait of my husband is one of those projects!

I would like to do some good watercolors, I have worked on watercolors but the values are always bad, I need to keep practicing! And I want to work on acrylics, but having a one year old gives me very little time to do art and I really jump straight to the tablet because it has minimal set up and no cleaning is required 🙂

Secrets by Constanza Ehrenhaus

What do you enjoy doing when you are not painting?
When I am not painting I enjoy spending time with my family, reading, the outdoors and exercising.

Want to see more of Constanza’s art?  You can visit her and follow her at:

DeviantArt Gallery:
Constanza’s Online Portfolio:
Zazzle Store:

Thank you Constanza, for taking the time to do this interview.  I’ve enjoyed seeing your art and getting to know you.  Please feel free to grab the badge below for your website or blog.   It’s also available on the side bar with the code already done for you.

Drop by every Friday to meet more fabulous artists.  Next week I’ll be featuring artist, Heidi Iwaniuk-Drake.
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