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Sarah Aiston

Artist Sarah Aiston
When did you decide you wanted to be an artist?  Are you self taught or did you take art at school?
 I was creative from a young age, I would spend hours drawing and making things. I think I was in my teens when I decided I wanted to be an artist.
After finishing school I went to college to study art & design. I finished my course and gained a B-TEC National Diploma in General Art & Design. Unfortunately I didn’t enjoy it, I gave up drawing and painting for about 12 years after that. I only started to paint again in late 2007, but it is only in the last few years I have been painting regularly.
Luna Faerie by Sarah Aiston
Although I did go to college I consider myself mostly self taught. I wasn’t taught watercolours in college, in fact if I am honest, in my opinion I didn’t learn much of value there! Most things I have just learnt as I go along, and of course I am still learning all the time. Often it is trial and error or just luck if something works!
Faerie Tree by Sarah Aiston
 What medium(s) do you use to create your art?
 I mostly use water colours to create my art. Mainly I use cold press watercolour paper which has a medium grain surface, I have recently begun using hot press (smooth) paper. I used to use ink pens to outline my pieces before painting them, I usually don’t do this now, I prefer the look without the ink. I have found I also like sketching with ball point pen, I prefer it to the ink pens.  I sometimes use a little colour pencil or coloured ink, but mostly it is just watercolour and sometimes a little gouache.

Acrylics are something I would like to try again, I found them much more difficult than watercolour but I would like to be able to paint with them.
Steamfunkery, ACEO, by Sarah Aiston
Most of my paintings are ACEO’s. An ACEO is a piece of art that measures 2.5″ x 3,5″. I am now starting to work on larger paintings. After I finish my current project I have a couple that will be approx A3 size, it will be a challenge for me to paint so much larger. I am looking forward to creating pieces with more elements in them, it will also be more interesting for the viewer.
Jasmine, ACEO,  by Sarah Aiston
You work is full of fairies and dragons and mythology.  Where do you get the ideas for your beautiful characters?
My ideas come from all sorts of places, books, myths & legends, films and my dreams. Of course I am also inspired by all the wonderful artists out there 🙂 I am lucky to know online some very talented artists 🙂

Green Dragon by Sarah Aiston
Sometimes I get an idea in my head and start sketching, other times I start sketching with no idea , it is then a complete surprise what appears on the paper. 
Purple Dragon by Sarah Aiston
You are a talented jeweler and your copper jewelry is lovely.   How and why did you start making jewelry?
Hmmmm, that is a good question!!! Would you believe I can’t quite remember?! I think it was about four years ago, I bought an online pendant tutorial from a talented jewellery artist: Camilla Mathiasen ( now Camilla Vejen Eriksen). She told me about a couple of jewellery making forums where you could get free and paid tutorials. The best one is  It was Camilla’s jewellery that made me want to try it for myself. Most of my designs are my own creations although some of them are inspired by other jewellery I have seen.

Jewelry by Sarah Aiston
I see that you took part in The Sketch Project.  Could you tell us what The Sketch Project is and how you got involved?
Ellen Million Graphics Sketch Fest, or EMG Sketch Fest for short, is a monthly 24hr worldwide art jam session.  People leave prompts for artists and the artists have up to an hour to work on each sketch. Anyone can take part, it doesn’t matter your skill level, it is great fun and very addictive.  I got involved after seeing other artists I know online taking part, it took me a little time to get the courage to join in but once I did I was hooked!

Shrooms with Triquetra and Algiz Rune by Sarah Aiston
Do you have any advice for aspiring artists?
I would say practice, practice, practice!!
Never give up!!
Join online art communities, read art instruction books and don’t be afraid to ask another artist for advice.
Most artists are happy to help and like seeing new artists learn and grow. I am still a newbie myself, even though I was creative from the moment I could hold a pencil.
Secret Kisses by Sarah Aiston
What do you enjoy doing when you are not painting?
If I am not working on a painting I enjoy seeing my friends, making my jewellery, reading & watching fantasy films.  Even when I am not painting my head is so full of ideas, I even dream about drawing and painting!

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