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Lorelei Marie Johnson

I’ve mentioned before that I have a curiosity as to how artists name their websites.  How did you chose Bleu Morpho as your website name?
As you probably already know, a blue morpho is a rather stunning blue butterfly. The name serves as a reminder of who I am (the french spelling just adds a touch of flair. I’ve been known to be rather dramatic); as an artist and human, where I’ve been and where I’m going and the transformative properties of both nature and art. I happened across this quote a few years back, “Just when the caterpillar thought the world was ending, she became a butterfly.” I’ve felt that happen in my life many times.

Siren by Lorelei Marie Johnson

Your art has a beautiful fluidity.  The way the lines curve bring your eye to different areas and then back to the main subject.  Is this instinctual or planned when you sketch and paint?
I wish I could say ANYTHING I do is planned! haha More often than not I just move the pencil around the paper until something pops out. Occasionally I have something in my head that I do make an honest attempt at planning, but even at that there’s still far more doodling and “accidents” going on in any given piece than there are planned, deliberate lines.

Maelstrom by Lorelei Marie Johnson

How do you decide whether to color a sketch or leave it black and white?
I honestly think the majority of the color pieces I’ve done are because I feel that color is expected. I almost always prefer a graphite rendering to an elaborately colored painting. I worked as a portrait photographer for several years and soon found that there was more depth and emotion in a black and white image than there could ever be in one that was colored. The mind doesn’t have to attempt to demystify and interpret color. All that exists is raw simplistic emotion.

Alice V1 by Lorelei Marie Johnson

I love your pendants and the little tins they come in.  Such gorgeous treasures of wearable art and perfect for gifts!  What made you think of making jewelry with your art?
I’m not really sure what brought that on. I’ve always been happiest when I’m creating something. It doesn’t really matter what that might be and I was looking for something to make when I wasn’t really feeling the creative spark to paint or draw.

Pendants by Lorelei Marie Johnson

Where do the ideas for new sketches and paintings come from?
All over the place! I don’t think I ever really “grew up.” I believe strongly in the beasts and beings of legend and myth. I can feel them all around me. They keep me open creatively with subtle suggestions. It could be a whisper in the trees, a sudden vision, a line from a book or even a dream. I feel the muses poking at my brain sometimes, others it’s an ethereal being demanding my attention. My daughter, Raevyn, also inspires me greatly. Her interpretation of the world really keeps me on my toes!

The Dragon’s Pearl by Lorelei Marie Johnson

Who are your favorite artists?
Oh goodness, how can I even come close to listing them all? Brian Froud was one of my initial inspirations (somewhere around here I have a graphite drawing of his faerie “Boon” that I did when I was about 15 haha) and Stephanie Pui-Mun Law and Meredith Dillman’s art really made me want to start using watercolor over the last year and a half (I completed my first painting “The Dragon’s Pearl” this past March). I adore my little girl’s art, Crystal Moore, Jessica Galbreth, Selina Fenich, Natalia Pierandrei, Linda Ravenscroft and the list just continues on and on!

Sagittarius by Lorelei Marie Johnson

What do you enjoy doing when you are not painting?
My absolutely favorite thing in the world is taking my Mustang out on the highway, by myself, with REALLY loud music so I can drive fast and sing badly. I also really enjoy gardening, cooking and reading.

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