AEDM – A Mish Mash of The Last Three Days

No artist interview today.  My apologies to those of you who look forward to meeting these talented artists.  The Artist Feature will return next Friday with an artist who is definitely one to look forward to meeting.  I hope you’ll drop in.
I can’t leave you with no art, so I’m sharing what I have done for Days Three, Four and Five of Art Every Day Month.   
Wednesday was Day Three for me.  It was a damp, grey, chilly day.  With a hot cup of tea beside me I began to sketch.
Join Me in A Cup of Tea,  Rough sketch by Tori Beveridge
As you can see it’s far from finished, just an idea that doodled it’s way onto the paper.  It makes me wonder what it will look like colored and with more details worked in.  It definitely needs a saucer.
Yesterday, Day Four, I pulled out my art journal and finally finished pages that I had started a couple of weeks ago for Jenny and Aaron of Every Day is a Holiday’s, Journaling Classes.  I had started the pages and run out of creative steam.  I didn’t like what I had started, so it sat waiting for me and reminding me every time I looked at it that it needed work.  It’s still not my favorite but it’s far better than it was before.  And.. the best part.. it’s finished!  I feel released and able to move on.  
My Applesauce Journal Pages
Of course my camera decided to act up and I wasn’t able to photograph the journal pages, so ended up scanning them.  The scan is terrible.  I had to chop off the bottom of them because it was so badly blurred, but the pages are demanding to be shown, if only as a reminder to me that everything doesn’t have to be perfect.
Jenny and Aaron recently lived through Hurricane Sandy.  You can read their story on their blog, Every Day is a Holiday. 
Jenny says that scenes like this are everywhere. 
They are having a sale of their art to help them rebuild.  I know they would appreciate it if you would drop by with words of encouragement and a browse through their store.  Their art is gorgeous and would look great on your walls.
Finally, today’s art.  Day Five of AEDM.
This is a photo manipulation, which I call The Hunter.
The Hunter by Tori Beveridge
I wonder what tomorrow will have me create?
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