Final Day of AEDM – New Art, Frost

It’s Day 30 and the last day of Art Every Day Month.
This is another MMO game inspired piece.  In keeping with the MMO spirit, she’s rather scantily clad, which leads me to this funny little video…
I’m not helping that girl’s cause any with this art, but in my defense, mages fight from a distance.. hopefully.

Frost by Tori Beveridge
A larger view is available in my gallery.
Earlier this morning, I posted my regular Friday Featured Artist Interview.  This week, my interview is with artist, Ellen Million.  If you don’t know Ellen or her work, I would highly encourage you to have a peek.  You can find it HERE.
If anyone is interested in being a Featured Artist, I have schedule openings starting in January.   You can email me or leave a comment and I’ll give you all the information.

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