Celebrating Color – New Art, Playing With Fire

I made a decision, more of a promise to myself, when Art Every Day Month ended.  My promise was to continue to do something creative every day.  Not so hard really when you consider all the various ways there are to be creative and I’m not just talking about art.  I know I get creative in the kitchen, with photography, with crafts, with gardening, so I think that this is a promise I’ll definitely be able to keep.

Leah at Creative Every Day ran Art Every Day Month and runs a Creative Every Day Challenge, which is a year long event.  I’ve signed up for 2013.  It’s a very open, loose challenge with monthly prompts and  weekly check ins and encourages you to be creative every day in one form or another.

I’m starting the challenge this month, because I miss AEDM and I love the prompt for December, Celebrate.

I’m sharing my celebration of color with you today.  The last few pieces of art that I have done have been wintery white or brown and white tones.  I needed a change.  I needed some color.  What resulted was a color explosion!

Details of Playing With Fire by Tori Beveridge

When I started I knew I wanted to do another mage, a companion piece to Frost.  This mage would represent fire magic and exude more warmth than Frost did.  I didn’t want her to be fiery, all reds and orange and yellows, because that would be too expected.  This palette is not.

Playing With Fire by Tori Beveridge
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