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Happy Friday everyone!

It’s a gorgeous mild day here.  After a few days of frigid temperatures, it feels so good!  I hope the weather is treating you right where ever you live.

Our interview this week is with a wonderful artist, with the sweetest name,

Pixie Allen

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what kind of artist you are.

I’m Pixie, I run a Plumbing and Heating business during the day and in the evenings I moonlight as an artist lol.  I’m a mom of two little boys, who, in my opinion are growing up way too fast lol.  I find it hard to say what kind of artist I am, I’m a bit of a jack of all trades but my painting pathway has progressed and changed over time, most recently adding energy paintings to the every growing list of things I like to paint.  So in a sentence, the type of artist I am is, a bringer of light to those who seek the bright side of life!  I like to paint things that will make people smile.

I love your use of color.  What inspires you to use such vibrant colors?

I use vibrant colours because I’m attracted to anything colourful, I like to create paintings that can make people smile, heal them, or remind them of a fond memory. Going back to when I was a small child, I was the one who would use every crayon available rather than stick to one particular set, pictures always looked prettier with more colours on them.  My inspirations comes from everywhere, my children, my husband, nature, there’s really no better palet that nature, the creations of colours of petals is just outstanding and so beautiful, the fall skies with all their colours.  I love to see the beauty in everything, so I guess inspiration is really easy for me to find, everything is a miracle if you just open your eyes to it.

Your paintings of half of a girl’s face are wonderful.  Only seeing half of the face lends such a mystery to the art.  Is there a story behind these pieces?

My pixie girl faces, to be honest it started off as me trying to perfect the eye shape, but I showed a friend of mine and she loved it, thought it was a great idea and very different so that how it came about.  I like to think they are just shy and only want to show part of themselves.  Each one has a different story behind them, Tara, has peacock feathers as wings, peacocks represent protection in spiritual realms, and so each one, has something a bit special about them.


What is your biggest challenge as an artist and how are you/did you/do you overcome it?

Think the biggest challenge as an artist is to not mold into someone else, you can sit and take course till the moon turns blue, but if you loose your personal style there’s no point in continuing, well, for me at least.  Keeping to your own style is something that is very important to every single artist out there, why be someone else when you can be you, the way you progress is by practice, so when you first try a face, it might not be what you was hoping for but if you practice the sketch every day in one month you will be in a totally different place and you will be well on your way to where you want to be.  So I think staying true to who I am on my journey has been my biggest challenge, I stopped for a couple of months because I simply didn’t like my art, I had lost myself as an artist, but I tried something new one day and realised that whatever I need is already there, I just have to focus on what I want to create.

You’ve recently begun a 365 day Photo Challenge to post a photo a day.  What a lovely idea and you have taken such wonderful photographs.  What made you decide to take this journey?

Thank you, I wanted to challenge myself in something other than art and photography is my next biggest passion, I was gifted a new camera for christmas so the challenge will do two things, it will help me to use the camera and it will help me improve my shots.  I love taking photographs, I use them in my art also, and I am always taking images of my family it’s a great way to keep those memories, I make scrapbooks and document days out family events and birthdays, so I guess for me photography is just as important to me as painting is.

What do you love most about your art?

I love the freedom it gives me, each piece is healing, its a stress relief, its a way to wind down and just use up the creative energy I have, for me it’s not about how fast I can finish a piece its about how good I can make it, taking my time, and just enjoying the whole process.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not painting?

When I’m not working and painting, I like spending time with the family, I like going to the beach or to the park and just enjoying the moment, I write too, and I love to read, I review books for a publishing house which I adore doing.

If you’d like to see more of Pixie’s art and follow her on social sites, here are her links:

I’d like to thank Pixie, for taking the time to do this interview.  I’ve enjoyed seeing your  fantastic art and getting to know you and I know my readers have too.
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