Art Journal – Let It Bloom

Get swept away in your imagination.  Let it bloom.

Let It Bloom Art Journal Page by Tori Beveridge
I’m working on being more comfortable with my painting.  What looks like a mistake doesn’t have to be, or it can be painted over.  When I work digitally, I always have the security of the undo or delete a layer.  I have to get comfortable working without that security blanket.

Let It Bloom Art Journal Page by Tori Beveridge Details
I worked with my new Faber Castell Gel Sticks.  They are the “childrens'” version of Gelatos and I have read in various places that people couldn’t really tell the difference when working, between the two.  They worked beautifully for me.  In my basic set, the white included is a gelato…so…
I also used a few stamps and of course the stickers.  I did the eye details with my Faber Castell Pitt Artist Black Pens, because I wasn’t confident taking a tiny paint brush to paint the black there…maybe next time.
Let It Bloom Art Journal Page by Tori Beveridge Girl Close Up
…And of course… my brush picked up a cat hair, and placed it right in the middle of her forehead!  I don’t know how I didn’t notice it until it was dried and part of the painting.  Undo.. Undo.. where’s my Undo?!  Ahh well, it’s all part of being an artist in a house filled with animals.
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  1. I like Your work! Girl's hair just floats…nice:). Stampings on the bottom of the page makes it seems like she's in the forest.

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