My Fairy Art Mother’s Message

I love fantasy art and my digital work is full of fairies and elves, so I guess a fairy was bound to make her appearance in my doodle/sketch book sooner or later.
Fairy Art Mother by Tori Beveridge Details
She wasn’t a serious sketch.  She was a “just to doodle”, doodle, just for me, while I was watching television.  I started with a simple face and kept adding little details to her, and now she has become my “Fairy Art Mother”.
Fairy Art Mother by Tori Beveridge Details
She’s not perfect.  Her proportions aren’t quite right.  She’s a bit wonky.  It’s not stopping her from making her art.  I think I’ll keep her around my desk to remind me to trust my heart, that everything doesn’t have to be perfect, and to “make beautiful things everyday.”
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