SOC Week 1

The colors for Week 1 of Summer of Color are Aqua and Yellow with a smudge, splash or pop of pink.

My Soul Listens by Tori Beveridge 2014 Details

This turned out to be an explosion of yellow, (which really doesn’t show in the photos – it’s so much more vibrant in reality) and which was totally unplanned.  I started with the aqua blue and thought it would be the prominent color.  The yellow took over.  I wish you could see it in person!  Bright yellow everywhere! It exploded into a rather busy, happy mess as I tried to balance everything out.  Parts of it I love and parts of it I’m not so fond of, but overall I like how it turned out.

One thing I love is that it made me use yellow.  A lot of yellow.  Which is something I don’t normally do.  What looks red was done with a deep pink and the purple just kind of snuck in there.

My Soul Listens by Tori Beveridge 2014

My Soul Listens – Loose journal page done with acrylics, Faber Castell Gel Sticks, stamps, collaged tissue paper on 9 x 12 mixed media paper.

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