Doodles and Sketches

There’s been lots of doodling and sketching happening here over the last few days, but no finished work, yet.
This flurry of activity was prompted by two things.
The first was a challenge by my mother to make some happy looking girls.  Smile, girls, smile!
The second was that I joined Junelle Jacobsen’s Farmer’s Market Summer Workshop.  This is absolutely right up my alley, with all of the herbs and vegetables and fruit coming out of my garden right now.   I photograph a lot of it for my other blog At Home with Tori, but why not sketch and paint it too.  Check out her Open House for a look at some of what we are doing in the workshop.  It’s fun, fun, fun!  I’ll be sharing lots more of what I’ve been doing in there with you later.

Girl and Garlic Sketches
I promise this girl will be smiling once I’m done with her.  The garlic makes me smile.

Happy Sketch by Tori Beveridge
She’s looking happy.

I’m thinking one of these two girls should be offered as a Free Crudoodle Digital Stamp.  Which one?  Which one?
…and of course, I’ve been doodling just for doodling’s sake… circles.. no reason.. just because…
The circles have been very relaxing and almost addictive.  I’ve been using some old Crayola pencils to do them.  I found the pencils at the bottom of my desk drawer all sad and unused.  They’re great to play and practice with.

I’ll share the finished works with you, once everything is done.

I hope you’re enjoying your ‘arting’ as much as I am. 

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