Farm Fresh Sketches

My theme this past week seemed to have been centered on farms and freshness, thanks to Junelle’s Farmers Market Yum and Art Workshop.  This is the last week for it and I am slowly working through it and savoring every project.  I love it!  The nice thing about it is even though this initial workshop is only three weeks long, I have access to it forever, so I can continue to work my way through it and revisit it for inspiration whenever I like, and I know I will.
But let me start at the beginning of the week, or, well the end of last week and show you what I did for  EMG Sketch Fest.  The prompt was Flower in Her Hair, given by Louisa Dent.  I think the girl has a fresh innocent look about her and I picture her picking daisies in a field of wildflowers…. see influenced by farms and freshness…
A Flower in Her Hair by Tori Beveridge 2014
…and then there is this very happy Market Girl that I sketched for the Farmers Market Workshop…
Market Girl by Tori Beveridge 2014
Actually, she could be me, bringing in my basket filled with the fresh herbs and vegetables I picked from my garden.  
Garlic by Tori Beveridge 2014
Remember the little sketch of garlic from my garden?  I painted it.  Watercolor intimidates me a little, but as I practice I’m starting to feel more comfortable with it.  I did some other herb sketches which I now want to add color to.
Junelle asked us to sketch a market stand and when I saw this adorable little trailer turned into a flower market, I knew I had to paint it.  Isn’t it the sweetest?!  If you live in their area, please do drop by The Farmstand .  Their bouquets are gorgeous!  
Farm Fresh Market Stand by Tori Beveridge 2014

Expect to see more Farmers Market inspired sketches from me.  I am hooked.
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