Meet The Enchanted Visions Artist – Alexandra Rena

I’m so delighted to introduce our sixth Enchanted Visions Artist.

Alexandra Rena

Enchanted Visions Artist, Alexandra Rena
Enchanted Visions Artist, Alexandra Rena

Who is, “Alexandra Rena”?  Tell us a little about yourself.

I live in Houston, TX with my wonderful boyfriend and a dog and cat.  In 2010, I graduated with my BFA in Studio Art and German Language as my Minor. It took me a few months after graduating to pursue art again, but I would say I have been selling since June 2011. This spring, I got the opportunity to be an artist full-time. It has been quite the adjustment, but I enjoy it and am very thankful to have this opportunity.

Primarily I work with the human form, with fantasy or historical subjects. In addition to the fantasy pieces I create, I have ongoing series of Celtic Gods, Norse Gods and Middle Earth. Both the Celtic and Norse Gods series are composed in watercolor, but the Middle Earth series is ink only. Most inspirational to me are the Art Nouveau and Pre-Raphaelite movements, however most pre-1900s art –especially statues– is inspiring to me in one form or another. I am also heavily influenced by history, literature, music and historical fashion. My most-often used medium is watercolor, though I also fully enjoy using Prismacolor Marker, ink, Prismacolor pencil, and graphite.

Aside from painting and drawing, I am also a costume designer, and take on costume work in my spare time. My eventual goal is to run my business off of both art and costuming, but for now, art is the primary passion I pursue.

How did you hear about Enchanted Visions and why did you want to become a member artist?

The organizer, Coriander Shea, sent me an e-mail back in October 2010 with an invitation to join. I gladly accepted, and jumped in with that month’s theme, “Crimson Wings”. I definitely have Coriander to thank for my return to art after graduating college. This is one of the things that pushed me to get my art back in gear and ready to begin selling.

Each month, Enchanted Visions artists are challenged with creating a piece of art for that month’s theme.  Please share some of the art you have created for Enchanted Visions with us.  For each piece of art, please describe how it interprets that month’s theme, any story behind the art, and the theme’s meaning to you.

Lady of The Forest by Enchanted Visions Artist, Alexandra Rena
Lady of The Forest by Enchanted Visions Artist, Alexandra Rena

Lady of the Forest – One of my favorite things is a lush summer forest after a rain. I was inspired to draw a queen of the forest, walking through the intense and fertile forest, drawing you in with her gaze. I didn’t think about the color scheme, I just painted a green, wet forest, similar to the forest in summer after a rain.

Stardancer by Enchanted Visions Artist, Alexandra Rena
Stardancer by Enchanted Visions Artist, Alexandra Rena

Stardancer – The zodiac is what came to mind when thinking about the stars. Instead of associating with or favoring only one sign, I decided to draw all twelve, united by the dancer in the center of the collage.

The Last Candle by Enchanted Visions Artist, Alexandra Rena
The Last Candle by Enchanted Visions Artist, Alexandra Rena

The Last Candle – For this piece, I was simply inspired by music. Specifically, the German band Blind Guardian’s song, “The Last Candle”. Blind Guardian always makes me think of wizards and all things epic and fantasy, so I created this wizard. At the time, I was also watching the original Star Trek, and that inspired my color scheme and background.

EV has a monthly auction of the work created.  Do you sell your work there?

No, I haven’t tried yet, but I should! I mostly sell my work at some events on the weekends such as festivals and conventions, as well as Sherwood Forest Faire, a Robin Hood-themed festival that runs for 8 weekends in the spring.

Are there challenges knowing you are one of many artists creating art for the same EV theme?  Does this knowledge hinder you or give you momentum when creating for the monthly theme?

It is inspiring and motivating that there are so many artists. I love seeing each individual interpretation, and it’s wonderful to see each artist grow with each new piece they create.

How do you care for and nurture the creative you?

If I am in the process of creating something, and need motivation to continue, then I ensure I get a good dose of exercise and sunlight so that I don’t feel trapped. Mental and emotional health is important to creativity for me, and both of those things (and eliminating sugar) make me happy and creative. I will admit, Britney Spears’ “Work” song is the most motivating song, and when I feel like I need to get pumped for the work day, I play that song. Music keeps me going, and if I need help brainstorming, reading and researching history helps me as well. If I am trying to create something new that isn’t a commission or EV theme, I go to my list of ideas on Trello. Any idea I get for a new art piece, I add it to the list so when I have time, I will go back and create it later. ( is a great organisational tool!)

Describe (and provide a photograph if you like) of your studio/work space.   What would you change about it, if anything, for it to become your dream work space?

Alexandra Rena's Workspace

My workspace is a room with my computer desk on one side, and sewing desk on the other. There is a butcher block wood table that is raised, and I use that for mat cutting, fabric cutting, and I will stand there and paint and draw instead of sitting sometimes. The walls in my studio are covered by art prints from other artists, a bulletin board with works-in-progress and things that motivate me, and I have my 2nd Dan black belt certificate as well as my diploma framed and hanging on the wall above. A tall bookcase containing art and costume books, as well as art supplies is also on that wall. There are two large windows that let in a lot of natural light, and I hang my necklaces and some lanterns from the curtain rod. A nice touch to the studio: our dog usually lays down next to me all day.

I love my studio, but I would like some more art prints from favorites to hang in there….that’s an immediate, tangible change. My dream studio would look a bit like John Howe’s studio that he shows in his book “Fantasy Art Workshop”, because look at this desk and shelves: .

My dream studio is also in a mountainous region with outstanding weather, lots of windows overlooking a fabulous view, and a garden and orchard out front…The Alps in Austria would be nice…or the Canadian Rockies….Now I’m off in dreamland 😉

“Paint” a picture of yourself for us using 10 colorful words to describe you, the total picture.


Thank you so much Alexandra for this wonderful look into your creative process, your art and you.

Please visit ENCHANTED VISIONS to see more of  Alexandra’s art and what she has created for the latest theme.

If you would like to see more of Alexandra’s art, you can find her at the following links:

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  1. Awesome artwork, great lady, Alexandra! Beautiful interview. I really enjoyed it. Your talent is great! I admire your dedication to fixed goals and your courage in pursuing what you love most. Best of everything always, dear! <3

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