Day 27 and Two Faces

Day twenty seven is almost at an end.  It was a busy day but also very fun, because this weekend is Ellen Million Graphics Sketch Fest.  As always, there were so many prompts to create from, it almost makes it hard to decide, but two stood out for me, Sugar Skull Fairy (prompt from Tara N. Colna) and Invisible Art (prompt from Katerina Koukiotis).

There is only one rule for Sketch Fest.  The sketches can only be worked on for one hour.

Face Number Seventeen is ‘Sugar Skull Fairy’.

Sugar Skull Fairy by Tori Beveridge
Sugar Skull Fairy by Tori Beveridge
I used that whole hour, doodling and shading Sugar Skull Fairy.  Drawing the tiny circles and bubbles took the most time.  The other details are very loose and sketchy.  I used black Pitt artist pens and colored pencils.

Face Number Eighteen is ‘Invisible Art Revealed’.

Invisible Art Revealed by Tori Beveridge
Invisible Art Revealed by Tori Beveridge
For my twenty seventh painting, Invisible Art Revealed, I once again went to one of my favorite techniques of randomly dropping watercolors, wet on wet and letting it dry. The paint splashes hide ‘invisible art’ that reveals itself to me when the colors dry.  What was once invisible is now revealed. I added a little more paint to bring out her face. I accentuated her eyes, lips and added more blue for hair.  This took at most, maybe fifteen minutes to do, not counting drying time.

29 faces

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