Keep Moving Forward

Sometimes, like Alice does in Wonderland, ‘I give myself very good advice but I very seldom follow it.”

So…. let’s just say for the past weeks, I’ve been telling myself I should be blogging, but I haven’t been listening to myself.

Life is Like Riding A Bicycle by Tori Beveridge close up #1

After a very intensive stretch of working for Sympatico Studio (which I really did love) creating mountains of promotional digital artwork, I was burnt out!  I had to take a break and regroup and slowly coax the creativity to ignite in me again.

I’ve been slowly working on my art.  Over the past two weeks, I’ve started to catch up on all my Life Book 2015 lessons, and have been delightedly playing through Junelle Jacobsen’s fabulous Summer Faire workshop.

Life is Like Riding A Bicycle by Tori Beveridge close up #2

One of the things that I have learned/relearned while working through the workshops, is to listen to myself.  I shouldn’t be like Alice.  I need to follow my own advice.

So… Hello friends!  I am so happy to see you all.  I’m moving forward, after a bit of a wobble.  It’s wonderful to see that now I’ve begun moving forward it’s so much easier to keep on moving.

Life is Like Riding A Bicycle by Tori Beveridge Photo
Life is Like Riding A Bicycle by Tori Beveridge  inspired by a lesson by Junelle Jacobsen  in her Summer Faire Workshop.

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  1. Your story, so familiar….your paintings so delightful….the message..deep and something we should all ponder. So glad your back and listening to your own advice…it good stuff. I'm listen too. Sending hugs.

  2. So sorry for the late visit
    It's nice to have a break sometimes, even if a little scary that one may not get back onto the proverbial bicycle. but you have and your new painting is a pure delight to see. The wee puppy in the basket is adorable and the girl so beautiful. Let's keep on moving forward 😀 😀

  3. Love your new work! Adorable! Your message, Keep on moving forward, is very inspiring, especially when we artists need a break, change or even fall into a slump.

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