Someone Please Tell Me How….

Please, could someone tell me how I started today’s painting with soft pastel colors and a very light hand….

Painting 20 Starting Phase
and ended up with this…. ??????

Photo of Journey Journal Page by Tori Beveridge
Please click to see a larger version of this loose 9×12 inch journal page worked in acrylics, colored pencil and ink.
There was a serious disconnect between what I thought I would end up with and what I actually did end up with.
Lots of paint, lots of layers, some things make me cringe and yet, there are parts of it I quite like…

Close Up One of Journey Journal Page by Tori Beveridge
Close Up Two of Journey Journal Page by Tori Beveridge
Another painting finished.  Thank you for having a peek.

29 faces
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  1. What on earth can make you cringe about ANY of this beautiful page!? I think it is all beautiful and all the different layers and textures add so much to it's beauty. A fine days work if I may say so 😀 😀

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