Meet The Artist – Alexandria Jeffery

The time is flying by so quickly!  I can’t believe it’s already Friday again.  This week’s artist is a very special one.  I am so happy and proud to introduce you to my very talented niece, 

Alexandria Jeffery

Artist Alexandria Jeffery
Artist Alexandria Jeffery

Who is, “insert your name here”?  Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Alexandria Jeffery. I grew up in the upper beaches of Toronto.  I have always loved drawing and sketching and dreaming. I would consider myself someone who principally uses the right side of her brain.  At times reality can be detrimental to the soul, so I choose to live outside of what is real as often as I can. 

Lost In The Moon by Alexandria Jeffery
Lost In The Moon by Alexandria Jeffery

You are a digital artist.  When did you try digital painting for the first time?  What makes you choose digital over traditional painting?

I was first introduced to digital art in 2008 when I went to school for design and graphic arts. Having only ever used Microsoft Paint on an antique PC, my eyes were opened to a world of inescapable imagination. Seeing what a computer was capable of was nearly too much to absorb. When I first started I was absolutely inadequate. I had no understanding at all about what to do. I decided to stay in my comfort zone and continue with painting and sketching until one day, I scanned one of my drawings into my computer and tried my hand at airbrushing. From that point something clicked. I was hooked.

Though I will most frequently use digital art over a traditional style of art, I don’t think I prefer one to the other. To me, if you can find a way to express yourself artistically and emotionally, the medium you choose shouldn’t be significant.


Distance by Alexandria Jeffery
Distance by Alexandria Jeffery


For those people who aren’t familiar with digital painting, would you please explain your process.  Which program(s) and tool(s) do you use in your painting?

I use a myriad of different programs and techniques to create one piece. Usually I will draw everything out on a piece of paper and scan it into my computer. Then I will go from GIMP to Inkscape to my Mac Sketchbook and finish with a Copic marker program to give my work an airbrushed and clean look.

Who are your favorite artists?  Whose art influences and inspires you most?

Jackson Pollock is one of my favorite artists. You can hear his work. It makes noise. It’s loud and rhythmic and unnerving. When I look at his work, I can’t help but move. I can almost feel an electric current on my skin that makes my hair stand on end. I have always been drawn to Salvador Dali. There is something about his work that leaves me feeling unresolved. There is something that makes me want to look away but then something pulls me back in and locks me in place. I can’t blink when I look at his work.

Though these two artists are the ones who inspire me, I don’t feel I emulate them in my work. To me, they are untouchable. They do, however, influence me everyday. Not necessarily in the style and techniques of my art, but in how I see the world.

Paradise Not Lost by Alexandria Jeffery
Paradise Not Lost by Alexandria Jeffery

What has been your greatest challenge as an artist?

My greatest challenge as an artist would be to be taken seriously. I find, as an artist/aspiring artist I am constantly forced to prove myself.

If you had to pick one favorite out of all the art you have created, which piece is it?  Why?

 I did a piece of art for my Parents last Christmas. There isn’t anything spectacular about the piece itself. It’s simple and almost cartoon-like. It took eleven days to create. It was my first major graphic design project and it was tedious and frustrating but rewarding. The meaning behind it is something that can only be understood by my Parents, and myself because of that it remains to be my favorite piece.

Highway on Fire by Alexandria Jeffery
Highway on Fire by Alexandria Jeffery

Is your art hanging or displayed in your home?  If so, where and how?  If not, why not?  What type of art (besides your own) hangs on your walls?

No, my art isn’t displayed in my home. I don’t know why, now that I come to think of it. It isn’t because I’m not proud of some of the work that I’ve done; I have just never had the urge to display my own artwork. I have two artists on my wall right now, Salvador Dali and my Grandmother.

“Paint” a picture of yourself for us using 10 colorful words to describe you, the total picture. 

Heady, impulsive, moody, excitable, wistful, introspective, reclusive, erratic, nurturing, alive.

Thank you so much Alexandria, for this wonderful look into your creative process, your art and you.


If you would like to see more of Alexandria’s art, you can find her at the following link:

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