From The Word Bowl Photo by Tori Beveridge

From My Word Bowl


I know that I am not the only artist who looks for inspiration.  On my table is a bowl filled with words and phrases cut from magazines and print-outs of poems, quotes and stories that I’ve found while browsing around the web.  When I’m looking for inspiration, I pull  a few words from the bowl and use those words as the starting point for my art.  If these words inspire me, they might inspire you as well, so, starting today, I’ll be routinely sharing words that I’ve pulled from my word bowl with you.  I invite you to join me and, if the words inspire you, use them as the starting point for your own art.

In the photo above, you can see the words I pulled this weekend.  Sometimes only one word will speak to me and sometimes they all do.  This time they all did.

Word Bowl Words - Wk 1

Photo of Like Symbols of Yearning by Tori Beveridge


And this is what I created.. an 8 x 10 mixed media piece with all the focus on her eyes.

If the words from my word bowl inspire you to create something, please leave me a little note below.



Creative Everyday 2016



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