Meadow of wildflowers

Splatter Meadows

Out here, where I live, I don’t have to go much further than outside my own door to find beautiful wildflower meadows.

So it doesn’t surprise me that….

Splatter Wildflowers by Tori Beveridge1


I’ve gone wild for wildflowers!

Seriously.  Once I started painting these I couldn’t stop.  I blame it all on the Facebook mail art group that I am a member of, as one of the latest art swaps that I participated in was to create splatter paint flower gardens.  Splatter?  Oh I can splatter.  I splattered so much my splatters went wild and turned into meadows, and I love them.


Splatter Wildflowers by Tori Beveridge2


Splatter Wildflowers by Tori Beveridge3


I love how the splatters make the paintings feel alive with movement.


Splatter Wildflowers by Tori Beveridge4


Splatter Wildflowers by Tori Beveridge5


All of the paintings are 5×7 and were done with watercolor and acrylics on 140 lb cold press watercolor paper.  Three are already spoken for.  I know they’ll bring a part of my world to their new owners.


Creative Everyday 2016


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