Close up of Shine Brightly by Tori Beveridge

Little Bliss List – Shine Brightly

My Little Bliss List

 (Remembering the things that made me happy this week, because it’s so easy to forget them.)

Shine Brightly

That’s the name of this painting…

Shine Brightly by Tori Beveridge

Shine Brightly by Tori Beveridge – Mixed media on 8 x 10 canvas

The night sky out here is amazing.  It’s filled with stars.  I love looking up at them.  It’s awe inspiring.

This city mouse turned country mouse will take a country night filled with stars over city lights any night.  They make me happy.

They inspired me to paint this.  I really became quite attached to this girl while painting.  She and the whole painting were a joy to create.


Other Bliss Filled Moments

I found a crochet pattern for a tiny little arugami sloth, which I want to try.  It’s so cute!

My tomato plants are still flowering, which means tomatoes in October.

I watched the original Parent Trap with Hayley Mills when there was nothing else to watch .  It was delightful.

A herd of between 12 and 15 deer running through our property.  (happens every spring and fall)  There will be many more.

I haven’t blogged this week, as planned, but Effy’s Artfully Wild Blog Along’s nudges didn’t ring with me this week.  So, I’m glad I didn’t force myself to try to blog something that I wasn’t comfortable with.  I have however enjoyed reading what the other’s in the group wrote.

So… What made you happy this week?  Share your bliss.


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  1. Oh she’s lovely! Beautiful colors.
    Our tomato plants still have green tomatoes and flowers. But in the coming week
    our temps will dip down in to the mid to upper 30s. So I’ll either be picking or covering
    with sheets.

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