Digital Art – “In Between” for Enchanted Visions

Today, I’m sharing a digital piece that I made for Enchanted Visions.  It’s not up in the gallery there yet, as this is for the new theme, In Between.  The gallery will be created this coming week and you’ll be able to view it there, as well as all the art that the other Enchanted […]

Meet The Enchanted Visions Artist – Heather Kilgore

Hi everyone.  Today, I am interviewing another talented Enchanted Visions artist.   It is my pleasure to introduce you to Heather Kilgore Enchanted Visions’ Artist, Heather Kilgore Who is, Heather Kilgore?  Tell us a little about yourself.I am a self taught fantasy artist. Art influence in my life started at a very early age. My mother and […]

Meet The Enchanted Visions Artist – Tanya Blunden

Today I have a wonderful interview from the tenth Enchanted Visions artist, Tanya Blunden Enchanted Visions Artist, Tanya Blunden Who is, “Tanya Blunden”?  Tell us a little about yourself. I am a thirty-seven year old artist. I live in Burnaby BC, on the beautiful west coast of Canada. I share my home with a musician […]

Meet The Enchanted Visions Artist – Isabelle Dumont

Today I am interviewing the ninth Enchanted Visions Artist.  It is my pleasure to introduce  Isabelle Dumont One of Isabelle Dumont’s pet rats. Who is, “Isabelle Dumont”?  Tell us a little about yourself. This lovely year, I am turning 30, though I feel horribly old by now. I´m a very awkward person, really, and I […]

Meet The Enchanted Visions Artist – Natacha Chohra

Meet the eighth (has it really been eight weeks already?) ENCHANTED VISIONS Artist Natacha Chohra Enchanted Visions Artist, Natacha Chohra Who is Natacha Chohra?  Tell us a little about yourself. My name is Natacha Chohra, I am 32 years old, French but have been living in the UK for the last 10 years with my boyfriend and […]

Meet The Enchanted Visions Artist – Kristin Palmer

It’s week number seven and time to meet another fabulous Enchanted Visions Artist.  This week meet the lovely Kristin Palmer Enchanted Visions Artist, Kristin Palmer Who is, Kristin Palmer?  Tell us a little about yourself.      My name is Kristin Palmer and I am 24 yrs old.  I live in the wee little state […]

Meet The Enchanted Visions Artist – Alexandra Rena

I’m so delighted to introduce our sixth Enchanted Visions Artist. Alexandra Rena Enchanted Visions Artist, Alexandra Rena Who is, “Alexandra Rena”?  Tell us a little about yourself. I live in Houston, TX with my wonderful boyfriend and a dog and cat.  In 2010, I graduated with my BFA in Studio Art and German Language as […]

Meet The Enchanted Visions Artist – Tricia Danby

It’s time to meet our 5th Enchanted Visions Artist. This week I’d like you to get to know Tricia Danby Enchanted Visions Artist, Tricia Danby Who is “Tricia Danby”?  Tell us a little about yourself. I am a spiritual artist and I never went to any art school or what so ever. Only art classes […]

Meet The Enchanted Visions Artist – Julie Rabischung

This week we meet our fourth Enchanted Visions Artist, Julie Rabischung Who is, “Julie Rabischung”?  Tell us a little about yourself I’m a dreamer, passionate by everything magical and enchanted. I’m french and I’m living in France. I always loved to paint  and draw since I was a child but I only started to follow […]

Meet The Enchanted Visions Artists – Monika Holloway

It’s Week 3 of our Meet The Enchanted Visions Artists.  This week we meet the delightful Monika Holloway Who is, Monika Holloway?  Tell us a little about yourself.I’m a self taught fantasy/fairy artist working mainly with watercolour and coloured pencil. I tried other mediums and other genres (landscapes, surrealism) but somehow I always end up […]

Meet The Enchanted Visions Artist – Deanna Bach

I’m so excited it’s Friday because that means it’s time to meet our second Enchanted Visions Artist, DEANNA BACH Enchanted Visions Artist Deanna Bach Who is, “Deanna Bach”?  Tell us a little about yourself. My name is Deanna Bach-Talsma, but I use Deanna Bach as my artists name. I am thirtymummble and married with one 5 […]

Meet The Enchanted Visions Artist – Rebecca Brogden N

Friday Featured Artists are back! Coriander Shea, artist and director of Enchanted Visions, approached me a couple of weeks ago to ask if I would interview the very talented artists who participate in Enchanted Visions.  Of course I said yes! Every Friday for the next few weeks, you’ll meet one of the very talented artists […]