Digital Art – “In Between” for Enchanted Visions

Today, I’m sharing a digital piece that I made for Enchanted Visions.  It’s not up in the gallery there yet, as this is for the new theme, In Between.  The gallery will be created this coming week and you’ll be able to view it there, as well as all the art that the other Enchanted […]

Trying To Imagine Art Journal Pages

It’s been ages since I did anything in my art journal, so I decided to finish a spread that I started back in the summer. Trying To Imagine Art Journal Pages by Tori Beveridge I had done the collaged girl on a post card sized piece of paper and decided she needed the rest of […]

Looking Back Through Thirty Paintings in 30 Days

Yesterday I posted my final face for 29 Faces in September 2014.  It was also my final painting for Thirty Painting in 30 Days.  I’ve put together a collage of my thirty paintings.  I didn’t have a theme for the month but you will see many faces because of my participation in 29 Faces, so, […]

Day 27 and Two Faces

Day twenty seven is almost at an end.  It was a busy day but also very fun, because this weekend is Ellen Million Graphics Sketch Fest.  As always, there were so many prompts to create from, it almost makes it hard to decide, but two stood out for me, Sugar Skull Fairy (prompt from Tara […]

Day 26 and Face Number Sixteen

This is a mixed media piece.  I used watercolor, acrylic, collaged elements, stencils and ink.  I’m really happy with the way it turned out. You Are A Gift by Tori Beveridge Thirty Paintings in 30 Days – Day 26

Day 25 and Fifteenth Face

September is almost over.  Halloween will be here before we know it.  I’m getting in the spirit early with this Little Witch. Little Witch by Tori Beveridge Thirty Paintings in 30 Days – Day 25

Day 23 One More Piece of Circle Art

One last piece of aceo/atc sized circle art, done with acrylics and ink. Make A Beautiful Mess by Tori Beveridge Thirty Paintings in 30 Days – Day 23

Day 22 The Circles Continue

Yesterday’s circle art was enjoyable to make, so enjoyable, that I made another and have another started which I will share with you tomorrow as Day 23’s painting.  Then I must make some faces.  I’m behind in my faces. Create Art by Tori Beveridge    Thirty Paintings in 30 Days – Day 22

Day 21 – Circle Fun

Most of the artists taking part in Thirty Paintings in 30 Days are ‘Fine Artists’.  Their work is phenomenal.  I am amazed at the beauty that they create every day. I am not at that stage in my painting.  I may never get there, but I’m having fun playing with paint.  So much fun, that […]

Day 18 and My Eleventh Face

Today’s painting was a bit rushed but I finished it!  Phew!  It’s an aceo/atc sized mixed media piece, using tissue paper, gesso, acrylics, Faber Castell gel sticks, the stickered saying and Pitt artist pens. Be Brave by Tori Beveridge  Thirty Paintings in 30 Days – Day 18

Day Thirteen of Thirty Paintings in 30 Days

I think I spent more time trying to fix scans and photos of this than it actually took to paint.  I finally decided on this scan and it still doesn’t do it justice.  It’s much prettier up close and personal. Let Your Art Blossom by Tori Beveridge Mixed media on 4×6 140lb cold press watercolor […]

Day Nine – Thirty Paintings in 30 Days

Another mixed media piece.  It’s 9 x 12, and started with lots of collage, which I then painted over using watercolor, acrylic, FC Gel Sticks and ink. Bubble Dreamer Photo of Bubble Dreamer by Tori Beveridge Thirty Paintings in 30 Days – Day 9