New Art – Ice Cream Inspirations, Baseball Nut

Another ice cream inspired piece of art for Twinkle Twinkle’s Summer of Color 2, Ice Cream Inspirations.  I’m having so much fun with these.
This week’s flavor was Baseball Nut.
Doesn’t it look delicious?
And here is my ice cream inspired creation, created digitally with Poser, PS and PSP.
Jester by Tori B. 2012
Jester by Tori B. 2012
And a version with a lighter background…

Jester by Tori B. 2012 Light version
Jester by Tori B. 2012 Light version
Which version do you like the best?  I think I’m leaning towards the lighter one.
Next week’s flavor is Strawberry Lemonade Punch!  Oh my oh my oh my!  It sends my imagination spinning and makes me want to run to the store for ice cream.
To see more ice cream flavor inspired art, just click below.

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  1. They're both great but as you ask, I'm leaning towards the darker version, it's really dramatic :o)

    See you next week at SOC!

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