Art Journaling – Week Five, What Is The Use of A Book

Week Five Journal Detail

This week’s art journaling class with Jenny and Aaron of Every Day is a Holiday had me excited.  It wasn’t just looking at Jenny and Aaron’s gorgeous pages or drooling over the desserts featured on them, this week was all about using black and white, leaving lots of white space and doodling.  I love to doodle.

As usual, I didn’t know what I was going to do, so I started with the border at the top of the pages and let the pages  develop from there.  I worked in pencil and ink, until the very end when I added washes of water color and paint speckles.  I was tempted to leave it black and white with no color, but settled for leaving the girl uncolored and adding pale pastels.  I added no other elements to the journal this week.

Click to view larger images.

Rough sketches.. lots of erasing.
I inked it.  Added some text.
And the final journal spread after the color was added.

I really have to figure out a way to light my photos better.  The lighting in my house really isn’t set up for a photography, especially at night.  I guess I shouldn’t photograph at night.  Does anyone have any tips?

Thanks for having a peek at what I did this week.  You can see more journals and all of the lessons over at Jenny and Aaron’s blog, Everyday is a Holiday.  Just click the link below.
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  1. Love the subtle coloring! And yes, you cannot shoot photographs at night. We NEVER do. We can finish a piece of artwork that we are so excited about but if it is evening then we know we have to wait til tomorrow to take a pic of it. We always lay our things on a table thats right next to the window and only use the natural light…turn off any lamps, etc…
    Your drawing are so so cute! And the lettering and where you choose to put things is just perfect! also, thanks for including your rough sketches…peeps love to see the wizard behind the curtain.
    See you next week! xo, Jenny & Aaron

  2. Thanks Jenny!

    My work space has a great window right above it, so I'm going to sit on my eagerness to photograph when I finish something at night and wait until daylight… it's going to be hard lol but I'll take your advice.

    xo Tori

  3. I love the drawing of the little girl with her cute ringlets.

    I like to take pictures right in front of the door, but not with the sun directly on what I'm photographing. I also like to put it on top of a white canvas and stand one up behind it. Like a little studio.

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