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Happy Friday to all my friends.  I hope you’ve had a beautiful week and this is the start of a wonderful weekend.  After a little hiccup last week, I’m happy to be back on track this week with the Friday Art Feature.

This week’s Featured Artist is

Memory Howell

My Motto is: Use Fairy Dust generously…It makes your soul sparkle.
Your fairies are beautiful and live in such beautiful settings.  Have you always painted fairies or did you start painting other things, such as botanicals at first?
First of all, thank you for that lovely comment.  In answer to your question,  when I was young I did draw many other things. But now I only draw the Fae it seems. For once you start to draw Fairies and they allow you into their world, you learn quickly that these lovely little creatures can be quite jealous at times. If I try to sketch something else it seems mysterious things start to happen on my desk.  My brushes will be missing, paint will spill, and coffee rings and smudges will soon be on my sketch. The Fairies are all so anxious to be drawn and brought to life that they become quite ornery if I take time out to draw anything else.. I have learned to put a stop to such antics by reminding them that if they aren’t good, I just might draw them with four thumbs or three ears or such.

Your fairies seem more possible than other fairies.  Your’s are the fairies of old and from fairy tales and stories from Victorian times.  I can imagine them hiding in the woodland behind my house.  Where do you get the ideas for your paintings?
Nature seems to play the largest part in the ideas I use to draw my fairy friends, perhaps finding a curled leaf on the ground gives me an idea to shape a fairies garment in the way the leaf curls, and mushrooms, twigs, and trees, all bring a thought to the imagination that makes you want to hurry inside and grab your sketch book.  I often think of drawing a fairy a certain way and then it seems my pencil is being lead another direction as if the fairy is letting me know how she should be drawn.  Even the grain in a wood door can show an image that cause your imagination to create a picture of the Fae.
People will be delighted to know you are also a talented writer.  Would you share some prose or a poem with us?
Absolutely, so happy to share a story with you.  My stories are very short, some are funny, some are sad, and some have a moral to follow, and some are written to hopefully uplift someone’s day with a message they might need to hear.
One of my Fairy stories  on my Fairies of Memory Facebook Page:
The Fairies Autumn Gown

In the Fall, most of all….tis time for a fairy to fashion a garment of colored hue.
So the Fairy will pluck from yonder tree, a handful of golden leaves still sparkling from the mornings dew…and looking at them in their September glory, a lovely vision she begins to see…
Ready now she starts to fashion her gown…she sews and tucks and the needle flies swiftly in and out and all about…then she gathers and scatters a few emeralds and scarlet berries all around…a touch of moss for collar and cuff…then pulls down a sunbeam and tucks it round the berries to make them glow…her silver needle flies so fast…it will soon be done at last…
Hmmm!! maybe some rosey red of spindle berry around the neck…and golden rod to lend it’s yellow fleck…she tucks and sews with nary a care…do not interrupt her…don’t you dare…and if you sit quietly and don’t make a sound…you may be able to see her wear this lovely gown
©Memory Howell  9/7/12

Do you ever illustrate your writings or write about your paintings?
No I have never illustrated my art, although I’d love to.  I have wrote about a few paintings though, one that comes to mind is a painting called Lithia and Larkin. I think you can find it  on my web page.

Can you see yourself publishing a book illustrated with your paintings?
Oh yes…I would soooooooo love to illustrate a book with my paintings and stories, but haven’t had the opportunity to do that yet. It would be a wonderful thing to leave to my grand daughters to be remembered by.
I think many beginning fantasy and fairy artists will look to you for inspiration.  Do you have any words of wisdom for them?
Hmmm… words of wisdom..I think I would tell them don’t be afraid to use your own style even if everyone is doing something else. It’s sometimes a really good thing to be different.  Don’t give up on your art and get discouraged.  If you could have seen my first fairy you would really laugh, what a pitiful sight that little fae was. Practice, practice, practice and your art will get better and better. Since I use watercolors I would advise on that media, to get the best you can afford and really good poundage cold press paper. I use Holbein watercolors and at least 140 lb. paper. Remember to surround yourself with positive thoughts and positive people to encourage you as you draw.
What do you enjoy doing when you are not painting?
When I’m not drawing , I like to read a lot, listen to my music, sculpt, journal, decorate, dance, be with friends and family, face book, Pinterest , and….have a great Mojito or two.  After all when those fairies are in your life, you absolutely need a mojito to get thru the day.

Want to see more of Memory’s art or visit her stores?

Thank you Memory, for taking the time to do this interview.  I’ve enjoyed seeing your art and getting to know you.  Please feel free to grab the badge below for your website or blog.   It’s also available on the side bar with the code already done for you.

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  1. Thank you so much Tori for featuring my art, I so appreciate your showcasing my art and ALL the artists out there that you have interviewed. …Your a blessing to us, Thank you again!!

  2. Oh I love Memoriy's faeries, they seem so magical and joyful. And this is a great article that gave me the chance to know more about her. You are magical Memory !

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