Crudoodle Free Digital Stamp – Bottoms Up

I bet when you read the title of this week’s Free Digital Stamp, you thought it would be a doodle of something to drink.

It’s not.

I’ve mentioned before that I have chickens.

Duchess, One of my Rhode Island Reds by Tori Beveridge

They have the cutest little fuzzy bottoms.

Bottoms Up Photo by Tori Beveridge

Those fuzzy little bottoms were the inspiration for this week’s Free Crudoodle Digital Stamp, Bottoms Up.

Bottoms Up, Free Crudoodle Digital Stamp by Tori Beveridge

Use them as they are in a row, or use them twice for a border, or cut them apart and stagger them on your cards or pages.   I’m sure they’ll bring a smile to anyone who sees them.
To save Bottoms Up to your computer, please click on the image above, then, right click on the picture, and save to your computer.

I’d love to see what you make with this week’s Crudoodle.  Feel free to send me a link to your creation, or leave a link in the comments.  I will feature them.

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All freebie Crudoodles are for personal use, in your own personal creations ONLY.

You may not make commercial products with Crudoodles and sell them.  This includes for example, products on Zazzle and similar stores and clear and rubber stamps.

Crudoodles are not to be included in CDs for sale or in stamp swaps.

It is not necessary to give credit, but if you do that would be nice.
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You may not claim Crudoodles images to be your own.

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  1. Wahahaha – how gorgeous 😀 I LUV these… I have chickens too… Light Sussex 😀
    Thank you very much for this
    IKE xxxx

  2. LOL! This is a sight I see daily! I've got Rhode Island Reds and Barred Rocks running around my yard, well, acres. And there are roosters, Golden Campines, chasing them. Yes, I've got broody hens. This morning I counted 18 chicks, one sitting on her nest and I think I heard at least two other nests hidden in the barn. I'm turning into the crazy chicken lady! 😀

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