Art Journal – Your Best Friend

I’ve started Tamara Laporte aka Tam Willowing’s free course,
 ‘Art, Heart and Healing’
 over at
It’s exactly what I need, especially after the doubts and fears that went through me before I started working on the inspiration block I shared with you last week.
The first lesson wasn’t easy.  Tam makes you face the negative thoughts in your head then see them as positive ones, (easier said than done) as well as some wonderful techniques in portrait drawing, shading and making backgrounds.  I may have to make a few more journal pages, just for the therapy of it.
My message to myself in this journal page,

“Treat yourself as you would your best friend because that is who you are.”

I think it is a good message for all of us to remember.
Your Best Friend Art Journal Pages Photo by Tori Beveridge
I had to put my journal in a stand to photograph it because it won’t lie flat.  The colors here are lighter and more blue than the layout really is.  It is actually much more turquoise green than turquoise blue. The pic below and the detail pic were scanned in and show the true colors.
I made my message on the computer and printed it out.  I didn’t use a fixative ^-^ … some of them ran a bit… must remember for next time.
Your Best Friend Art Journal Page Detail by Tori Beveridge
Your Best Friend Art Journal Page Scan by Tori Beveridge
Be your own best friend today…
                                                  and everyday!

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