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Hello My Friends!

Inspiration Block by Tori Beveridge
I can’t believe it’s been almost one year since I last spoke with you all.

Obviously, I’ve had a lot going on in that time and while I haven’t been creating art as much as I would have liked to, I have set the ground work for new happenings in my life and things are now in motion.  This leaves me some time, and some NEED to start creating again.

I have done some digital art in my time away from you, but right now, I am feeling more in a hands on, sketch and paint mood.  While I was browsing around to see what everyone has been up to during my absence, I stumbled across Yes and Amen’s Junelle Jacobsen and her lovely art blocks.  She recently posted a fun project that was inspired by the Winter Olympics, she calls Sochi Blocks, complete with a video tutorial.  What a cool idea!  Something fun to ease me back into mixed medium art.

I sanded and primed and base coated my wood block and then… fear… Fear?  Yes, fear.  I was afraid to take the first brush stroke, adhere that first bit of paper.  I was afraid to make a mistake.  I was afraid of failing.

I had to have a good talk with myself, after all, what was the worst that could happen?  I wouldn’t like it?  I could just scrape, sand, paint over and start again.  Finally with a deep breath I began cutting my “Sochi” diamonds and the rest happened.

Inspiration Block by Tori Beveridge
It reads:  “Treasure each and every moment”
Once I had completed the first side, I found I couldn’t stop.  I had to do the top of the block, the sides and the back of the block too.  Only the bottom wasn’t turned into a mini canvas.  I used the bottom to sign my Inspiration Block.

Inspiration Block by Tori Beveridge

Any mistakes I made were not anything that I couldn’t either live with or fix.  What had I been afraid of?  Do any of you feel afraid of failing when you make your art?  How do you handle it?

Inspiration Block by Tori Beveridge
It reads:  “Make someone happy today”
I am now totally in love with creating art on these little blocks of wood.

Inspiration Block by Tori Beveridge

I promise you are going to be seeing me on a regular basis as I become more in tune with my creative self and my art.  I will say, that for those of you who like my free Crudoodle Digital Stamps, I will have some for you, but not as often as before.  I will have at least one a month to share with you and the good news is that the first one will be next week!

I am linking up with Creative Every Day
This month’s theme of Transition is perfect for me as I make the transition back into the art world.

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  1. Hi there – how lovely to have you back with us in Blogland 🙂
    FANTASTIC little block. What a brilliant idea. 🙂 I will go visit the linked site too to see the Olympic ones 😀
    Have a creative weekend.
    IKE in Greece xxx

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