She Lived Happily Everafter by Tori Beveridge 2015

How Life Book Influences My Art

OR.. Why I’m Behind In Life Book

I’ve been playing catch up with Life Book 2015 watching some of the lessons for the first time.  What I find interesting is what happens when I do the lessons, which explains why I am (or think I am) so far behind.

She Lived Happily Everafter by Tori Beveridge 2015 CU1

I’ve actually watched most of the lessons and I’ve done art while watching or after watching the lessons.  The thing is, I haven’t “recreated” the piece of art which the lesson is based on, for each lesson.  I don’t have a recognizable piece of art from each lesson, one that you could say, yes that is from lesson such and such with so and so.  There are a few that I do, but mostly I don’t.

For instance, this looks nothing like the lesson I was watching when I sketched this. (Wk 43 Any Day is a Good Day to Celebrate with Patti Ballard, for those of you who are also in LB)

Which makes me wonder, if I don’t recreate the lesson the way it’s portrayed but do something totally different which is usually what happens, am I really behind?  The classes have inspired me and taught me new techniques, and I can see Patti’s influence in this.

She Lived Happily Everafter by Tori Beveridge 2015 CU2

I will say that I did do another sketch after this one, which does look more like the lesson, but I haven’t painted it yet, because I’m now struggling with NOT making it look like Patti’s.

…… and I wonder why I am behind…

So…  Am I really behind?

No.  The lessons I have watched, have influenced me, inspired me and taught me so much. I know I’ve grown as an artist.  It’s not about doing each lesson as laid out, it’s about what I personally get out of them, which has been so very, very much.

She Lived Happily Everafter by Tori Beveridge 2015 CU3

I’ll be doing Life Book again in 2016.  This time I’ll understand better how, and why, I’m “behind in Life Book”, and being behind won’t bother me one bit.  Why not?  Because, I’ll know I’m in reality, way ahead of where I was before.

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