Face3 Final 'Everyone is Beautiful' by Tor iBeveridge 2016

Face #3 – Step by Step Walk Through

Today’s face is called “Everyone is Beautiful”.   As you can see, I wrote those words in her hair.

Face 3 Close Up Tori Beveridge 2016


When I started to sketch her, I decided to grab my camera and photograph some of my steps.  I have some friends who are beginning their face painting and sketching journey, encouraged by 29 Faces.  I thought it might help to see someone else go through the stages of a creating a face.


I started with a circle/oval and then divided the face up and placed my eyes, nose and mouth.


Face 3 Step 1
As you can see, I divide the face in half vertically, then half way down, I position the eyes with 2 circles and a line for a top lid, then half way down again I draw a circle with 2 dots for the nose and then half way down again I draw a line for the middle of the mouth with a wide M above it for the top lip and a semi circle for the bottom lip.


Face 3 Step 2
Then I define things a little more.  I added ears (the bottom of the lobe lines up with the nose), shaped the temples, defined nostrils and added a little bit of a chin.


Face 3 Step 3
I added hair and eyebrows and worked on the eyes.


 Face 3 Step 4
I added color with Neocolor II watersoluble crayons and acrylics.


 Face 3 Step 5
I used ink to redefine the details and added a bit of shading.  I wasn’t loving her too much here.  The eyes are too green.  I tried bringing in a bit more blue for balance.  I also lost the shape of the temple and the ear here, which I had liked before…  It stays lost, but that’s all part of learning.  I’ll worry about ears and temples another day.


Face 3 Step 6
Adding blush and more shading.  I like using a lavender color for shadows.  Her nose needs fixing along with the white areas on the face near her hair which should be darker.


Face 3 Step 7
I fixed her nose, added my song lyric “everyone is beautiful in their own way” and used some white acrylic for highlights.  I added some sketchy scribbles and cross hatching.  I still have to fix the shading on her face.


 Face3 Final 'Everyone is Beautiful'  by Tor iBeveridge 2016
 And she’s finished.  I used pencil crayons to shade the hair, add blue to the eyelids, and to fix the areas on the face that needed fixing.
On to the next face!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your process. It's always interesting to see how all the different layers add up to a beautiful piece of art.

  2. This is fabulous, Tori, and will help me so much. Thank you for a great step-by-step. I am absolutely determined to be able to draw cute faces of some kind before this month is over! hugs!!

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