She Whispers of Fall by Tori Beveridge CU

Fall Is Coming

Fall Is Coming

Autumn is nearly here.
My favorite season.
Everything changes.
A fresh breeze blows.
Energy returns.
Shadows lengthen.
Patterns change.

But, right now, it’s 90 degrees. It’s still summer.

I have tomatoes on the vine, eggs to collect, and peach and apple pies to bake.

I have plans to flesh out and implement for this blog, paintings to paint, journals to add to.

This girl whispered off my brush today in a quick painting session, in drips and blobs of watercolor. A promise that Fall will soon be here in all it’s glory.

Photo of She Whispers of Fall by Tori Beveridge 2017

She Whispers of Fall by Tori Beveridge
8 x 10 Watercolor finished with colored pencil and ink


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  1. Lovely posts, I can almost see your tomatoes and feel the feels related to the jobs/tasks that are waiting for you this fall. Lovely watercolor. I love the looseness of the hair, and the beautiful eyes.
    PS I’m here from the #bloggingalongwitheffy challenge.

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