Friday Art Feature – Kristin Palmer

Happy first Friday of Summer!   This week’s Featured Artist is Kristin Palmer Artist Kristin Palmer You are a self taught artist. What motivated you to begin painting and how did you teach yourself? I’ve been drawing and painting ever since I could hold a pencil, so art comes naturally to me. I knew ever […]

Crudoodle – Daisy Pixie Digital Stamp

This week’s free Crudoodle Digital Stamp is Daisy, a cute little pixie who is sure to brighten your day. Daisy, Crudoodle Digital Stamp by Tori Beveridge To save Daisy to your computer, click on the preview above to open the full size image.  Right click on the picture, and save to your computer. I’d love […]

Art – Rainbow Sherbet Inspirations

I did two quick little art pieces inspired by, and for, Twinkle Twinkle’s Summer of Color 2, Ice Cream Inspirations. This sounded like so much fun, when I stumbled across it, mainly because I LOVE ice cream.  Getting a chance to create art based upon the colors of delicious ice cream flavors was something I […]

Friday Art Feature – Deanna Bach-Talsma

Happy Friday everyone!  Time for another Art Feature. This week’s Featured Artist is Deanna Bach-Talsma Kindreds – Chickadee by Deanna Bach-Talsma I was very pleasantly surprised to see that you are a wildlife artist as well as a fantasy, fairy artist and that you blend the two in some paintings.  Did you start painting wildlife […]

Friday Art Feature – Ann Gates Fiser

It’s Friday and time for another Art Feature. This week I’m featuring the wonderfully fantastic fantasy artwork of  Ann Gates Fiser Maestro Blininni and The Fish Choir by Ann Gates Fiser I’m intrigued by the name of your website, Moontoe Gallery.  Where did “Moontoe” come from? When I was two, we lived in New Orleans […]

Crudoodle & Fairy Works In Progress

A sneak peek at a couple of things I’ve been working on this week. First, September’s Birthstone Fairy, Sapphire.  She is beautiful.  Trust me on this! Working in PSP here.  I also have PS open at all times and switch back and forth between the two as I work. Second, a Crudoodle WIP, sketched and […]

Friday Art Feature – Coriander Shea

It’s Friday and time for another Art Feature. This week’s Featured Artist is Coriander Shea Artist Coriander Shea What made you decide to become an artist? There was never really any deciding to it, I just always was. My parent’s book collection will forever document my first crayon laden explorations into the world of art, […]

Sneak Peek at New Art – Scout by Tori B.

A sneak peek at new artwork I’m working on. This one’s a little more dynamic and an elf, not a fairy.  She’ll be armed and dangerous. Scout Scout Close Up by Tori Beveridge 2012

Friday Art Feature – Lindsay Cheesewright

This week has flown by!  It’s already Friday and time for another Art Feature. This week’s Featured Artist is Lindsay Cheesewright  You have two sides to your art, a light fairy side and a darker side.    How did the two come about?  Do you prefer one over the other?Fantasy in general came about from […]

Friday Art Feature – Maigan Lynn

It’s Friday!   Time for another Art Feature. Meet this week’s Featured Artist Maigan Lynn Trinity by Maigan Lynn Why and how did you become an artist?I think I was meant to be an artist. I suppose this might sound funny but I believe in things happening for a reason. I had gone to […]

Crudoodle! – Her Nose In A Book Digital Stamp

When I was a little girl, I always had my nose in a book.  which is why this week’s free Crudoodle Digital Stamp is Her Nose In A Book. Her Nose In A Book , Crudoodle Digital  Stamp by Tori Beveridge I had time to do a quick color, which you are welcome to download […]

Friday Art Feature – Mainili

It’s Friday and time for another Art Feature.Meet this week’s Featured Artist Mainili Artist, Mainili  What medium do you use and why?  First I started with graphite – like many artists, but then I fell in love with watercolor. I recently discovered the magic of digital painting. I sometimes use acrylic in my paintings with […]