Friday Art Feature – Nicole Cadet

Friday words for thought:  Success is liking yourself, liking what you do and liking how you do it. This week’s Featured Artist is Nicole Cadet Artist, Nicole Cadet How did you decide you wanted to be a fantasy artist, after not enjoying art classes at college? In Australia, the bachelor of Fine Arts does not […]

Friday Art Feature – Monika Ptok-Byard

Happy, Happy Friday to everyone! We’ve finally had some rain and cooler weather here.  It’s wonderful!  I’m loving every minute of it.  I’m also loving this week’s interview. This week’s Featured Artist is Monika Ptok-Byard Artist Monika Ptok-Byard Did you always want to be an artist?  If you weren’t an artist, what would you be? […]

Crudoodle – Free Digital Stamp, Tiffany Turtle & Card Feature

I was thrilled when Linda from Creeping Along, left me a comment that she had used one of my Crudoodle Digital Stamps in a card.  I love the card and have to share it with you. Linda used the colored version of ‘Her Nose in a Book‘ and the card is absolutely adorable. Beautiful card […]

Friday Art Feature – New Art by Me, “Wonder”

This week’s scheduled featured artist, sends her apologies.  Unfortunately she has had some internet problems and wasn’t able to be interviewed for today.  We’ll have the pleasure of looking forward to seeing her artwork and getting to know her another day. Instead, I’ll feature one of my new pieces of art.  It’s so new that […]

Friday Art Feature – Constanza Ehrenhaus aka Faerywitch Art

It’s Friday already!  This week has flown by for me, in a flurry of activity, that hasn’t left much time for art.  I do, however, always have time for the Friday Art Feature. This week’s Featured Artist is Constanza Ehrenhaus aka Faerywitch Art What medium(s) do you use to create your art? I draw everything […]

Friday Art Feature – Sarah Aiston

Happy Friday to all of you lovely readers.   This week’s Featured Artist is  Sarah Aiston Artist Sarah Aiston When did you decide you wanted to be an artist?  Are you self taught or did you take art at school?  I was creative from a young age, I would spend hours drawing and making things. […]

Friday Art Feature – Teal Newcomb

Hi everyone!  How’s your summer treating you so far?  I hope it’s a lovely one. This week’s Featured Artist is Teal Newcomb I’m intrigued by the name of your website, Metal Kirin Illustration.  Where did the name come from?The name is meant to symbolise something like contrasting duality, Metal = modernity and industry, and Kirin […]

Friday Art Feature – Marianne Mathiasen

This has been a hot and steamy week weather wise.  I hope if you’re having the same, you’re staying nice and cool. This week’s Featured artist is Marianne Mathiasen Artist, Marianne Mathiasen How and why did you become a fantasy artist?I have always loved fantasy art. As a child I loved fairy tales, and I […]

Friday Art Feature – Kristin Palmer

Happy first Friday of Summer!   This week’s Featured Artist is Kristin Palmer Artist Kristin Palmer You are a self taught artist. What motivated you to begin painting and how did you teach yourself? I’ve been drawing and painting ever since I could hold a pencil, so art comes naturally to me. I knew ever […]

Art – Rainbow Sherbet Inspirations

I did two quick little art pieces inspired by, and for, Twinkle Twinkle’s Summer of Color 2, Ice Cream Inspirations. This sounded like so much fun, when I stumbled across it, mainly because I LOVE ice cream.  Getting a chance to create art based upon the colors of delicious ice cream flavors was something I […]

Friday Art Feature – Deanna Bach-Talsma

Happy Friday everyone!  Time for another Art Feature. This week’s Featured Artist is Deanna Bach-Talsma Kindreds – Chickadee by Deanna Bach-Talsma I was very pleasantly surprised to see that you are a wildlife artist as well as a fantasy, fairy artist and that you blend the two in some paintings.  Did you start painting wildlife […]

Friday Art Feature – Ann Gates Fiser

It’s Friday and time for another Art Feature. This week I’m featuring the wonderfully fantastic fantasy artwork of  Ann Gates Fiser Maestro Blininni and The Fish Choir by Ann Gates Fiser I’m intrigued by the name of your website, Moontoe Gallery.  Where did “Moontoe” come from? When I was two, we lived in New Orleans […]